Races of the Aldician Empiris

Though many of the humanoid races that once existed were wiped out during one of the many wars, there still exists a number of races which either escaped notice during the creation of the empire or were enslaved during its creation.


Humans make up the vast majority of the empire empire.


An ancient race of men believed to be descendant from the first humans forced to live underground in times past by ancient aggressors or just an endless lust of the gold and gems they once mined out of the ground. The Dwarves are now mostly subservient to humans. Those that live above ground live as slaves in rich households or as workers in various industries. Those that live underground struggle to find a means to overthrow the empire and regain their lost lands. They are hunted by the soldiers of the empire on a daily basis and are forced to constantly find more tunnels and caves or create new ones in order to hide in.


The fate of the Elves is much like that of the Dwarves. Those that survived the creation of the empire are slaves in the great houses of the empire.


The Gnomes are nearly extinct in the Aldician Empiris. Once great masters of technology, the ruins of their civilization extends throughout the imperial lands. Often times, the great wizards of the empire would keep Gnome retainers so that they would assist in the operation of captured apparatus, and for some, to demonstrate the superiority of magic over technology.


The race of Halflings were able to survive the empire by predicting it’s rise to power and being clever enough to always be in the right place at the right time. Halflings predominately make a living selling information and performing various acts of subterfuge for the great houses or the emperor himself.


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