Dead Mire

The Dead Mire was once home to elves until it was flooded in the wards to destroy their crops and homes. Prior to the flooding it was nothing but acres of fertile fields and groves of trees.

The Void

The original seat of the empire, The Void was once a cultivated realm but in the wars to spread the power of the empire the lands became a deserted wasteland as the imperial wizards battled those of the elves and eventually after prolonged battles between the most powerful mages in history the very ley lines which ran through the region were subverted and the resulting backlash torched the land and raised or collapsed the terrain. Now, as a result, magic is all but useless within the void as it the natural energies required are either non-existent or too focused for anyone to draw upon.

Middle Heath

Bitter Wilds

Knotted Forest

Places of Interest

Wizard’s Sanctuary

Temple Street, Imperial City

For priests and clerics this is almost certainly were they would call home. Temple Street is named for the fact that at least one temple exists for every major religion accepted by the empire.

Grove of Shadows


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